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StreamZ Global are the inventors and UK manufacturers of a unique portfolio of Advanced Magnetic Products for humans and animals.

Make a difference

StreamZ Global mission is to create innovative products utilising StreamZ UK manufactured technology; a unique form of Advanced Magnetism.

What drives our team is our passionate belief in the capacity of StreamZ products to make a difference to people, their animals and their plants and crops, and do so in an achievable, low cost and readily accessible way.


The Origins Of StreamZ

The origins of StreamZ lay in its inventor, Eric Dodd, seeking a way to reduce his wife’s chronic migraine headaches. Eric was without doubt a remarkable man, with a long history of inventing an astounding range of technologies and a world renowned specialist in ‘the principles of molecular frequencies’ – how individual molecules react to magnetic fields. If you can picture 'Doc Brown' from the 'Back to the Future' trilogy you wouldn’t be far wrong, a stereotypical ‘inventor’ and ‘a genius’ to those who knew him! 

His energies at that time were primarily focused on research and development into water treatment systems for the National Health Service, as chief engineer. He realised that the general principles of mineral streaming technology he was exploring for the water system could equally be applied to provide pain relief in humans, and hence help his wife. And thus began the process of development that has since resulted in the StreamZ range of products.


Our Management Team

Our business is in good hands. Meet some of our management team.

Our Partners

The StreamZ product range has truly made its mark globally, including partnerships with reputable service delivery providers, a dedicated marketing agency with specialised expertise, and a network of esteemed retailers and wholesalers. Our sustained expansion is a testament to the strategic alliances we've forged, ensuring that the StreamZ journey continues to be propelled by excellence and collaboration - every step of the way.

The Future Of StreamZ

The company continues to develop new ranges following the adaption of the original StreamZ technology using the latest compounds and manufacturing techniques on the market. StreamZ magnetic technology is now entirely manufactured using flexible silicone compounds, making StreamZ Global the worlds first 'stretchy magnet'.

Further commitment into research and development continues with exciting new additions planned within the horticulture, animal care and sports industries in planning stages. 

In 2024 we hope to publish clinical studies on the effects of StreamZ on dairy cows, MOO StreamZ, developed to support the dairy industry, along with further research into ECO StreamZ and the benefits StreamZ give to plants!  


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