Advanced 24x7 Magnetic Technology for Arthritis, Navicular, Ringbone, Windgalls, Joint issues & much more!

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Advanced Magnetic Technology for you. Non-invasive joint care and wellbeing.

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Advanced Magnetic Dog Collars for Arthritis, Dysplasia, Joint Pain, Lameness and much more!

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Advanced Magnetic Technology for calves, cows and bulls. Non-invasive joint care and wellbeing.

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Advanced Magnetic Technology

StreamZ Global introduce a new technique in magnetism that revolutionises the way magnets effect the living system - advanced bio-resonance magnetic technology. This entirely unique and non-invasive process creates no thermal reaction allowing the technology to be worn for long periods of time and both pre and post exercise.

StreamZ Global, every step of the way.

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EQU StreamZ Horse Bands

Advanced Magnetism for horses.
Sold in pairs. Worn on fetlocks or hocks. RRP $120.00


YOU StreamZ Magnetic Bands

Advanced Magnetism for you.
Available for ankle or wrists, From $35.00


DOG StreamZ Collars

Advanced Magnetic Collars for dogs.
Available in 3 colours and 2 sizes, From $50.00


Belinda Trussell

Proud to support Canadian Olympic Dressage Rider

Shaya Biever

Proud sponsors of CFR Breakaway Champion 2023


Scott Schiffner

Proud to sponsor Canadian Champion Bull Rider

Amara Duxbury

Proud sponsors of Professional Barrel Racer

Julie Moorcroft

Proud sponsors of World Western Dressage Champion

Nancy Csabay

Proud sponsors of Professional Barrel Racer

Melissa Hollingsworth

Proud sponsors of Canadian Olympic Medalist

Britt Pearson

Proud sponsors of Professional Barrel Racer

Jewels Vysniauskas

Proud to support Canadian Dressage Rider

Harriet Upton

Proud sponsors of Team GB eventer who rides for HM Queen Elizabeth II

Gemma Stevens

Proud sponsors of Team GB Eventer & Professional Coach

Making a difference

StreamZ Global mission is to create innovative products utilising StreamZ UK manufactured technology; a unique form of magnetism. What drives us is our passionate belief in the capacity of StreamZ products to make a difference to people, their animals and their plants and crops, and do so in an achievable, low cost and readily accessible way.

Studies & Trials

Read about studies and trials carried out using StreamZ advanced magnetic technology. This includes clinical controlled double-blind studies from leading animal universities and industry renowned professionals.

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Our Technology

Learn how StreamZ Advanced Magnetism differs to traditional magnetic therapy by introducing an entirely new approach in how magnetic fields are deployed. 360º Magnetic Resonance in action.

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Follow our Blog

Our blog is the best source for all the latest news and updates about our technology and how it is helping others, along with information on health conditions found within our communities. Follow our blog today!

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