Advanced Magnetic Technology

by StreamZ Global

Introducing a new type of magnetism

Traditional magnetic devices and magnetic therapy has been available for many years, developed to treat a variety of health conditions across humans and animals.

With advancements in quantum physics a new and exciting form of magnetic therapy is now available - Bioresonance - or, Advanced Magnetic Technology. We look at how this new approach to magnetism is set to revolutionise the 'magnetic therapy industry' and how it differs to more traditional magnetic devices.

Traditional magnetic technologies and products

A multitude of magnetic health-related products are available, frequently presented within devices such as bracelets, rings or braces and supports. Most of these products, if not all, target specific areas of the body by using static magnets with a magnetic field positioned over particular pulse points around the body. (Traditional magnetism)

Many of these traditional magnetic products and devices are promoted to provide all varieties of health benefits to both humans and animals including arthritis, pain relief for a vast array of conditions, depression and wellbeing.

Static magnets, in simple terms, operate by creating a ‘North-South’ energy field which pulsates continuously from the face of the magnet. A plethora of products use these static magnets to provide one for of health benefit to another and are often referred to as ‘pulse therapy’. The “stronger the magnet” the further this magnetic field ‘travels’ or ‘pulses’ from the face of the magnet. (often referred to as their gauss level)

The pulsating effect created by static magnet devices increases heat to the subject area. This increase in heat is said to lead to improved blood flow and thus provide benefits such as inflammation reduction and releasing tension in muscles. You can see the thermal effects of traditional magnetic pulse therapy by studying the impact a traditional magnetic process has on the body using thermal imaging technology.

Other theories put forward as to why magnets are beneficial include the theory that ions and metallic substances, such as iron in our blood, are impacted by these magnetic fields and that the magnetic fields have some form of rebalancing effect on the Ph levels within the system. This theory is closer to the effects of StreamZ technology as opposed to traditional static magnets and more plausible than some of the claims made by much cheaper alternative products. 

Note: StreamZ advanced magnetic technology is manufactured using raw materials by StreamZ Global in the UK, we do not buy our magnets from a third party. StreamZ unique invention includes purchasing raw materials (including silicone and ferrites) and then magnetising the mix using our specialist developed electromagnetic system. 

Traditional magnetic products and devices, although marketed for many years to provide a variety of benefits, have not achieved medical authorisation through clinical studies whether with humans or animals. It could be that this is due to a misunderstanding of the science by the manufacturers creating these products. Many show a lack of knowledge regarding magnetic fields and frequencies and understand how to utilise these invisible forces to benefit our health. It could equally be argued that certain industries are keen for technologies such as this to never achieve clinical status and without this achievement many regulations are in place preventing the marketing of such products. As described by the World Health Organisation, high range frequencies created by manmade technologies have significant effects on our general health. This is the basis of Advanced Magnetism and understanding the impact of rebalancing frequencies within the body.

Traditional magnets, however they perform, create heat to the local area. In many cases increasing heat to an injured muscle, tendon or ligament is the last thing required, yet many of these traditional static magnetic devices promote benefits which contradict their technology. The majority of traditional magnetic products cannot be used for long periods of time, often only suitable for 4 to 8 hours maximum. This limits their continuous use and prevents them being used in warm weather conditions. In essence, there are several reasons why many traditional magnetic products have a mixed reputation, many are misleading in their advertising and as such are used incorrectly. Without peer-reviewed clinical evidence the medical community will not support such claims unless heavily supported with efficacy evidence. 

According to published statistics the worldwide magnetic therapy industry totals sales of over a billion dollars per year, with an astonishing projected increase to nearly $1.73b by 2026. In many countries companies are prohibited from making any health related claim unless clinical trials indicate the efficacy of the claims. Because of this, magnetic devices and magnetic therapy as whole are classified as alternative or complementary therapy. With advancements in science and technology and new discoveries within quantum physics the future is certain to increase our understanding of such a fascinating and unknown form of therapy.

Advanced magnetic technology (Bioresonance magnetism) 

A new addition to the magnetic therapy market is the introduction of ‘Advanced Magnetic Technology'

Advanced Magnetic Technology, although containing a series of magnetic fields, creates no increase in heat like with traditional magnetism. Instead, a series of low-frequency magnetic energy fields create a spinning effect around the subject. This non invasive form of magnetism has been developed to work at a cellular level, creating a series of energy fields which impact the entire system by providing an invisible rebalancing effect throughout the body. 'Bioresonance' in action. 

Recent discoveries made in quantum physics have revealed that all particles of matter share the characteristics of both waves and particles. This means that all substances – and therefore all cells, parts of the body, including viruses, bacteria, pollen, and toxins emit electromagnetic waves. Depending upon their nature, all substances have specific natural wavelengths (or frequencies) with highly individual characteristics – their ‘natural resonant state’.

Modern research into biophotons has shown that cells communicate with one another by means of “flashes of light” (photon radiation) and do so at certain resonating frequencies. Biophysics researchers believe that the biophysical level of the body controls the biochemical level and hence the structure of matter and the structure of organs.

StreamZ Global magnetic technology and Our Technology Image alongside text showing how modern research into biophotons has shown that cells communicate with one another by means of “flashes of light” (photon radiation) and do so at certain resonating frequencies.

The ‘natural frequency pattern’ or ‘resonant state’ of Planet Earth is a low frequency range of 7.83Hz. The body's physical cells constantly communicate with each other and do so using these low frequency ranges. As long as the cells resonate under their natural conditions then the body's capacity for self regulation remains intact. A naturally balanced system is a naturally healthy system.

Various man-made high-frequency technologies (such as Wifi, power cables, TVs, and mobile phones) and natural substances (such as radon in rocks, the sun, and water) alter the natural resonant state within the living system. For example, mobile phones operate at 2,400,000Hz. Although we cannot hear or see these frequencies they are there continuously interacting with us on a cellular level.

When unwelcome substances enter the naturally balanced state these impede communication between the cells causing the cells to malfunction and oscillate in a disharmonious state.

As we move through the 21st century, environmental exposure to man-made high frequency electromagnetic fields are steadily increasing as growing electricity demand, ever-advancing technologies and changes in social behaviour have created more and more artificial sources.

Bioresonance therapy is based on these biophysical principals.

The revolutionary spiralling effect created by StreamZ Advanced Magnetic material helps rebalance the cells frequencies back to their natural state. This process is known as ‘bio-magnetic rebalancing’ and works by oscillating the charged particles to extremely high speeds, naturally arranging them into an organised spiralling motion and providing the ‘rebalancing’ effect of their resonant state – this is bio-resonance in action and is a clear advancement in how we use magnetic fields to benefit our health.

Early adopters of this technology have begun to manufacture a range of products which introduce this advancement to more traditional approaches, with products on the market developed to provide benefits to humans (by way of ankle and wristbands), dogs (by way of a dog collar) and horses (by way of horse fetlock/hock bands). These more advanced products are 'making waves' within their communities and are set to revolutionise the magnetic therapy market across the world.

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