A professional view of EQU StreamZ Magnetic Horse Bands | by Dr Anna-Maria Wolf

Dr. Anna Maria Wolf is a fully qualified holistic veterinarian, based in Washington State USA, and is certified in acupuncture and homeopathy. She lives in Washington with her teenager, three dogs, nine cats, one horse, a donkey, five goats and a lot of chickens, turkeys, ducks and a goose named Violet.

Dr. Wolf practices acupuncture, cold laser, homeopathy, western and Chinese herbs, reiki and other holistic modalities and is available for house calls and telemedicine consultations via her practice which opened in 1998.

Alongside her veterinarian work Dr Wolf writes publications for the Incredible Times magazine, California Woman magazine, City and Country Pets magazine, Alternative Medicine Magazine, and the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association Journal. She has featured in several books and magazine articles on Holistic Veterinary Medicine as well as appearing on TV and Radio for her holistic-health expertise.

Dr Anna-Maria Wolf was sent a pair of EQU StreamZ advanced magnetic bands to be used on her clients horses with a view to her providing her professional opinion on the product.

Dr Anna-Maria Wolf was sent a pair of EQU StreamZ advanced magnetic bands to be used on her clients horses with a view to her providing her professional opinion on the product.

"I highly recommend StreamZ Horse Bands. I have used them on several horses with laminitis and found them to be beneficial. They definitely helped with pain management and were a helpful part of the healing process. I would also recommend them for arthritis and other pain related conditions. I am excited to try the dog ones and have had clients order the human ones for themselves and found them beneficial. All in all a useful addition to managing both acute and chronic pain in horses, humans and canines!" 

- Dr. Anna Maria Wolf, MA Vet MB

You can follow Dr Anna-Maria Wolf at https://petsynergy.com/helpful-links/

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