Advise from an Olympic-level Dressage rider | Belinda Trussell (Team Canada)

Belinda Trussell is an international elite Dressage professional who competes for Canada. The reputation she has achieved within the dressage world is one of the best dressage riders and coaches in the sport.

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Featured post

Breakaway Roping | Introducing Shaya Biever to EQU StreamZ Sponsorship Team

Breakaway Roping is a fast-paced rodeo event mainly competed by women. We look at the origin of the discipline and why the reputation of the sport is growing so quickly.

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Treatment Tip

How wet and muddy weather can effect your horse | Treatments and tips to help them through the wet months

Put simply, it is vital to prevent your horses legs or feet being submerged in muddy ground conditions for prolonged periods of time, particularly if they wear tack around their...

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