Carolyn Mellor | Using EQU StreamZ on two Grand Prix dressage horses
Carolyn Mellor | Using EQU StreamZ on two Grand Prix dressage horses

Carolyn Mellor | Using EQU StreamZ on two Grand Prix dressage horses

Irish Dressage rider praises EQU StreamZ Magnetic Approach | Carolyn Mellor 

Vision Sports Horses, Grand Prix Dressage

Carolyn Mellor, owner of Vision Sports Horses, is an International Dressage rider competing for Ireland as part of the High Performance Squad at Grand Prix level - with two horses! She has aspirations to compete at the Olympics, Europeans and World Championships with her horses VSH Zugaro (Ziggy) and Gouverneur M (Gucci).

Carolyn Mellor leaves an EQU StreamZ review, part of the International Dressage Team Ireland High Performance Squad and uses Streamz advanced magnetic horse bandsVSH Gouverneur M (Gucci) in his EQU StreamZ bands.

Carolyn is based in beautiful Co Down, Northern Ireland where she schools and trains horses as well as training a variety of riders from novice to advanced level across multiple disciplines. She has won multiple classes at the National Championships and can often be found training at Talland School of Equitation where she has trained with Pammy Hutton for many years.

Carolyn reached out to us after initially seeing the benefits of EQU StreamZ and how she could help ‘spread the word’.

I use EQU StreamZ magnetic bands on both my Grand Prix horses. I particularly love the natural non-invasive technology and find them really useful both pre and post training.

With such great results with the horses, I am now wearing their YOU StreamZ ankle band and our older Jack Russell has the DOG StreamZ collar and we all enjoy the benefits.

In my opinion this is a product that should be in every stable yard.” - Carolyn Mellor.

Carolyn's experience and knowledge within the equestrian community represents a credible voice when offering an insight into how she maintains and cares for her horses, a key aspect of competing at the very top of any sport and particularly when working with sports horses.

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