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DOG StreamZ Collars | Tips & Tricks to help with your new magnetic dog collar

DOG StreamZ Collars | Tips & Tricks to help with your new magnetic dog collar

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DOG StreamZ Collars | Tips & Tricks to help with your new magnetic dog collar

DOG StreamZ Collars | Tips & Tricks to help with your new magnetic dog collar

DOG StreamZ Tips & Tricks

Fitting & Usage Instructions

DOG Streamz advanced magnetic dog collar tips and tricks post. helping customers use the dog collars correctly to provide optimum performance for their dog

DOG StreamZ silicone collar is just that, a collar. It is worn around the dogs neck. You may laugh at why we are telling you this but you'd be surprised. 

For the ideal fit attach the full length collar to your dog and then cut the excess off, ensuring around 5cm to the dogs neck size is left to allow easy removal and reattachment when required. Leave one fingers width between the collar and your dogs neck for the perfect fit.

The collar is fastened using a stainless steel buckle which grips the silicone material in place.

The DOG StreamZ silicone band should be worn by each dog for a minimum of 8 hours a day, although results have been reported as significantly greater when used 24/7. Our advise is that the collars are worn when your dog is resting/sleeping. Due to their non invasive nature the technology can be used 24/7, including directly after exercise when the dogs muscles are in recovery and even whilst exercising!

The silicone dog collar requires very little maintenance once in use. To keep clean simply wipe with a warm soapy sponge. The DOG StreamZ collar is fully waterproof and can be worn in rivers, the sea and in most weather conditions including muddy fields and the snow.

Warnings before use

StreamZ are a complementary device and should not to be used as a replacement to any professionally diagnosed medications or treatments.

The silicone material is manufactured in the UK under ISO conditions and contain non-toxic FDA approved silicone which is suitable to be worn against the skin of your dog. (food grade silicone). Some dogs may however be allergic to silicone. If you notice any discomfort or discolouration of the skin within the first 24 hours then remove the collar. No refunds are issued if your dog is allergic to silicone as this is entirely out of our control.  

You must not cut the collar down to size and then return the product. 

The metal buckle does not use a breakaway feature so users are advised to remove if your dog is walked off the lead.

Dog leads cannot be connected to DOG StreamZ collars. We recommend the use of harnesses.

StreamZ technology should not to be used by any dog fitted with a pacemaker, consult your vet if you have any concerns regarding a diagnosed heart condition. This is a regulation within the UK and relates (we think, as no one can tell us) to traditional magnets creating a pulse which can interfere with the rhythm of a pacemaker. StreamZ does not pulse, but as we are classified as a ‘magnetic device’ we are constrained by the same regulation.



Matt Campbell

Matt is a leading expert in the magnetic therapy industry and writes articles for StreamZ Global and various other publications.

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