EQU Streamz Hovis the horse wearing EQU Streamz magnetic bands over his feathers endorsement
EQU Streamz Hovis the horse wearing EQU Streamz magnetic bands over his feathers endorsement

Hovis the Horse | Fashion model for EQU StreamZ Advanced Magnetic Horse Bands

Hovis the horse | Using EQU StreamZ and how they have helped the big lad

Hovis has been sharing his weekly diary on the Horse & Hound website since 2008. Hovis (well his Mum really) has published a number of books, each to raise funds for his local equine welfare charity Bransby Horses. StreamZ were in contact with Karen and Hovis back in 2012 when Hovis was injured and we were keen to see what the big lad thought of our technology. 

Several years later and we are delighted to still be supporting such a wonderful ambassador to the equine industry with our advanced magnetic technology. 

What does Hovis think of EQU StreamZ?

After trying the EQU StreamZ fetlock bands for himself Hovis kindly shared his personal opinion on how they had helped him. Our team are regularly contacted by horse owners asking if our bands can be used on large horses and horses with feathers. Its genuinely lovely to be able to share this story and 'first-person' feedback on the bands. 

The StreamZ team pass our gratitude to his Mum and author of Hovis’ Diary, Karen Thompson, for helping Hovis write this response. What a clever boy and team you are!

“When injury threatened to end my pursuit of a place in the GB eventing squad my mother was distraught. So was I, but I’m not quite at the same level of “drama queen” as mother can manage. As I’m only 12 years old mum didn’t want me ‘to do drugs’ (she’s such a spoilsport) so when the team at StreamZ offered me some fetlock bands to help me she jumped at the chance. Note: Normally I’d do the jumping in our relationship but on this occasion I had to leave it to her. 

Mum was amazed that the bands fit a big muscle legged boy like me and that I could wear them 24/7. They’re black and very manly looking, not to mention so comfortable I barely knew I had them on. Whilst Mum was over the moon that the bands helped me in a natural way, I was worried whether they would rub my feathers but I’ve worn them on both front and back legs and my magnificent flying feathers remain unruffled. Which was a relief: Without feathers I look like a fat dude with bandy legs... 

Within days my legs looked less like a pregnant ladies swollen ankles and I had my tigger-esque bounce back. I’m now back out on the cross country course doing what I do best – showing the world what the original 4x4 looks like in action. After a few teething issues the bands are now really strong and last for ages. I’ll never go without the bands again and StreamZ now form a vital part of Team Hovis; keeping the Destroyer riding forth!”

Karen Thompson, Hovis the Horse (The Destroyer)

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