Introducing Barrel Racing star Jana Bean to the StreamZ Family | What does Jana think of our magnetic technology

Jana Bean is a professional barrel racer and trainer based out of her family owned ranch in Fort Hancock, Texas, USA. 

Jana has been involved in Rodeo since she was a child, obtaining her first Barrel Racing Pro Card in 1997.

Jana has since qualified for the National Finals Rodeo (NFR) in Las Vegas on several occasions and continues to compete at the highest level in the sport.

Her success in the ring has led to her winning some of the most coveted titles within barrel racing and achieve a reputation as one of the leading barrel racers and trainers in the world.

Over the past couple of years Jana and her husband (Breck) and son (Jim) have been breeding their own barrel racing horses with great success too.

We are delighted to have Jana join the StreamZ family after seeing firsthand what positive impact our advanced magnetic technology has had on her horses.

As with any sports horse teams (particularly in barrel racing) the ongoing care and welfare of their horses is paramount to their success and managing their ongoing recovery after competing or travelling is an important step in this process.

Jana Bean has qualified for the National Finals Rodeo (NFR) in Las Vegas  on several occasions and continues to compete at the highest level in the sport.

“I was introduced to EQU Streamz Magnetic Horse Bands via a friend of mine and was keen to see what impact they had on one of my young horses who had a bruised foot.

Competing in barrel racing my horses are subjected to extreme strains and pressures on their joints, muscles and tendons. A key aspect in ensuring their ongoing happiness and that they can compete at the highest level is providing them with as much ongoing support as possible.

I have used magnetic devices in the past with mixed results; until I tried these! The EQU StreamZ bands introduce a new approach to magnetism which creates no heat when wrapped around the horses legs. This is ideal when using them directly after competing and when used to support their muscles and tendons.

I noticed the impact the bands had on this one horse after around 12-hours as the bruising dissipated far quicker than normal and we could also see a change in the horses gait. The impact was so great that the horse was sound enough to run a couple of days later!

I decided we would get all our horses a pair of these bands including our retired ones and they now all live in them 24x7 as I'm a true believer in being proactive with their ongoing health care. 

I love the fact the bands are easy-to-fit and maintain and that they can be used alongside other therapies and treatments. They provide a long-term natural option to our team of riders and horses and we would highly recommend them to anyone with a horse whether competing or not!”

- Jana Bean. 3x NFR competitor, Professional Barrel Racer & Trainer.

These fantastic images are courtesy of and copyrighted to Sam-Sin Photography

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