Lee Gibson | Professional Agility Handler, Judge & Coach
Lee Gibson | Professional Agility Handler, Judge & Coach

Lee Gibson | Professional Agility Handler, Judge & Coach

Lee Gibson Biography

Lee Gibson is an agility handler at the very top of his sport. Representing Team GB and England alongside a successful judging career his reputation within the sport is of the highest caliber.

Lee has competed as a handler in dog agility for over 20 years and has run all of his personally trained dogs, 8 in total up to the highest possible Championship level.

Lee and his partners run various successful businesses supporting the worldwide support of agility including leading edge training programs.

  • Competed at Olympia with 5 dogs. (Reserve in 2011, and 3rd place 2017)
  • Competed at Crufts with 5 dogs over 15 separate years 15 years, won major finals and CC’s, currently running BC at G7 level & G4 Level.
  • International – WAO Silver Medal Pentathlon 2016 overall. 5th Overall Games 2017.
  • FCI AWC 2011 (team silver jumping) & 2016
  • EO 2008 (team bronze overall) , 2011 & 2012 (individual final) 2016 (Individual final & team final) 2017 (team GB)

Lee Gibson Endorsement

“We use DOG StreamZ new magnetic technology on all our competing and retired dogs. An important aspect of competing at the highest level is the constant managing of dogs; StreamZ is highly recommended for this reason.
We are proud to use, recommend and sell Dog StreamZ collars and YouStreamZ ankle bands to our own clients - thats how much we believe in them! All of our dogs wear the collars, our old retired dogs who enjoy their retirement, our competing dogs in recovery and maintenance.
This season has been exceptional and StreamZ have been there every step of the way supporting our dogs in all of their successes.
Many of my students also use StreamZ products and have all see a positive impact on their dogs.”

Lee Gibson

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