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Feedback on Evas traumatic injury and recovering using EQU StreamZ magnetic horse bands.

Meet Eva | Recovering from an injury using EQU StreamZ magnetic bands

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Meet Eva | Recovering from an injury using EQU StreamZ magnetic bands

Meet Eva | Recovering from an injury using EQU StreamZ magnetic bands

Recovering from an injury with EQU StreamZ magnetic bands | My story of Eva

I have a story I would like to share with you. I warn you in advance that this feedback involves images of a gruesome injury and is not for the feint hearted.

Here I am with one of our beloved horses Eva.

The Horse Listener shares feedback on EQU Streamz helping Eva with injury and wound recovery using EQU Streamz advanced magnetic horse bands
Eva suffered a major trauma to her leg and was the first horse we tried EQU StreamZ magnetic bands on. I am keen to share her story.

I met the StreamZ team at Equitana and purchased one YOU StreamZ human band for myself, coincidentally as it happened, or synchronistically, the night I flew back was the night the accident happened.  Eva was found at the property caught up in a wire fence and in a life-threatening and serious condition. It was too late to re-attach the tendons and she was in severe pain and distress.  It was really touch-and-go whether she survived. I rang your team almost immediately, and put the one human band I had on her. A set of the bands, for horses, was immediately sent over for Eva to wear.

Eva suffered a major trauma to her ligaments and muscles and was treated with EQU Streamz horse bands as part of her recovery and rehabilitation

She wore the magnetic bands all the time for several months, except when I was treating her wound and I would take them off so they didn’t get too wet or dirty.  

Both my vet and I were truly amazed at the lack of swelling in the leg given the extent of the injury and the fact that there were several times where it looked as if she might not pull through. She developed a very high-stepping gait for a few months, and just as we were getting to the end of the year-long treatment she began to get a bit aggressive around being treated. My vet prepared us with the news that on occasions, with that level of injury, horses can become so distressed they turn dangerous to themselves others which can lead to them being be put to sleep. 

Because she was only a three-year-old thoroughbred when it happened, with a feisty nature, I made the fairly radical decision not to stable her at all, and that if she wasn’t going to pull through at least she would spend her days in the paddock with her best mate Tyra and not locked up and distressed.  

Of course, she did pull through, magnificently, and the other thing the vet was surprised by was her level of movement so quickly after the accident.  

Within a few months, even before the flesh had grown back she was cantering around (on three legs!!) even though I would literally stand there begging her not to canter or gallop or buck or rear - but try telling a Chestnut mare what to do!  I learned a lot from Eva’s injury - that horses have incredible resilience and a real ability to adjust to circumstances in a way we would do well to emulate.

Eva recovered so well from her injury and wound using EQU Streamz magnetic horse bands with 5 star review for recovery and rehabilitation

I am absolutely convinced that her StreamZ magnetic bands helped her on her healing journey and were responsible for the lack of swelling in what was a massive and traumatic injury. I was impressed that the StreamZ technology created no heat which allowed them to be used when treating wounds when heat is the last thing the healing process needs.

I then experienced a similar amazing result when I recently bought back my Pally QH, Jewel, after six years away from me. She came back to me with really bad arthritis in her off-side back stifle and leg, so bad that our chiropractor and vet said she would probably not be rideable again. Well, the bands went on. She had been wearing them for three or four months when we could clearly see the difference in her leg movement and gait. We don’t do hard work with her anymore but we love our trail rides, and she is as happy going out on them again.

Some may be reading this and thinking “I wanted the technology to work” and that the horses may have been through the same recovery process without the bands on. But it doesn’t stop there.

I have a couple of other cases I have that are rescue horses who’ve just begun to wear the Streamz bands to support them - I will feedback exactly what results we see with these two but so far so good. In the meantime, if you are reading this and have a horse who is showing signs of stiffness or is in the process of a recovery - look at these wonderful bands which have made such an impact to our horses!

Candida Baker - The Horse Listener
Candida Baker is an Australian author, photographer, journalist and natural horsemanship practitioner. 


Matt Campbell

Matt is a leading expert in the magnetic therapy industry and writes articles for StreamZ Global and various other publications.

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