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DOG Streamz support Many Tears animal rescue with their magnetic dog collars and donations

Supporting Many Tears Animal Rescue | DOG StreamZ Donations

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Supporting Many Tears Animal Rescue | DOG StreamZ Donations

Supporting Many Tears Animal Rescue | DOG StreamZ Donations

About Many Tears Animal Rescue

The objectives of Many Tears is to take in and re-home unwanted dogs; to provide a special living environment; to help them adapt and find permanent homes of their own. Many Tears Animal Rescue (MTAR) is based in Wales (UK) but has dogs in foster homes throughout the UK. They take in and re-home primarily ex-breeding dogs who are no longer required; those on "death row" in the pounds and those whose owners are no longer able to keep them. With the help of their wonderful staff, fosterers and other volunteers they provide a special and loving environment to help all their dogs adapt and find permanent, loving new homes. The rescue has grown considerably since it first opened and now homes in excess of 3,000 dogs per year.

Many Tears Animal Rescue Endorses DOG StreamZ Magnetic Collars

Endorsement from Many Tears Animal Rescue (UK)

“After reading about StreamZ we decided to try a collar on one of our own dogs, an 18-year-old collie called Link. He was old but still happily pottering around. Most days he needed a bit of help getting up and some days he needed medication to achieve this. His hips/back legs were extremely weak often meaning he was unable to pick them up properly. The DOG Streamz collar went on. After approximately five days of wearing his Streamz collar, Link was fully standing up again! He managed to get up and down happily again, and to our amazement even managed to jump on the sofa again! Sadly I Lost Link late last year but I’m 100% certain that whilst he had his Streamz collar his life was much improved. Many of our rescue dogs have been kept in very small enclosures during their lives. Many have never been walked so have a severe lack of muscle, when they start to experience ‘the new world’ they start to use their bodies differently and often we struggle to support them with this change. The StreamZ collars help them feel good and remove many of the symptoms of aches and pains which we see so regularly. Every little bit helps. This was enough evidence for us that as a rescue home for animals we could benefit from this natural and non-invasive technology. StreamZ were kind enough to supply a variety of sizes which were sent to our main rescue centre, where they were handed out to different dogs who we felt needed the support. On top of that, a discount code was created on the StreamZ website which when used donated £5 to our charity – and all funds are vital to us! We received a great response to this and received several four figured cheques in exchange for the codes used on their site.  To this day, the collars are benefitting various rescue dogs up and down the country. Whether you are considering the StreamZ technology for a specific reason or just to help your dog we would highly recommend giving them a go.” – Silvia, Many Tears Animal Rescue

Endorsement from the daughter of the founder of Many Tears, & Dog Agility World Champion

Leah is a top agility professional and trainer. Alongside supporting her family business Leah competes at the very highest level in dog agility 18-year-old juggling being a wife and Mum. Leah has achieved the highest accolades in dog agility including being crowned World Agility Champion and representing England and  Team GB on several occasions.

“Some people told me ‘it was a placebo‘ and that ‘I was seeing what I wanted to see‘. My response was that I had seen Link and the effects the collar had on him and that he was no longer needing medication, the results spoke for themselves! I have all eight of my dogs in Streamz collars. Even though they have no “issues” they are busy working agility dogs (and my best friends) so I am keen to always do everything I can to ensure they feel at their very best.

They are all rescues and have all had bad starts in life , many have been abused or generally neglected, so only the best for them now! Since wearing his Streamz collar, Theory my 6year old collie, has gone on to win the IMCA in the Czech Republic becoming the IMCA world champion. You could see the impact the technology had on him, his drive and recovery times were greatly improved and it was a to see the benefit!

My dogs always come first, but since seeing the technology help them and knowing Streamz did a human band i decided to give that a go too! I must admit that I love my YOU Streamz ankle band! After injuring my knee non-invasive competing it tends to be very painful after a lot of running. The band has made it so much better and I hardly ever feel any pain in it now. For the first time in five years (since my injury) I’m running without a knee support! If it does get a bit sore after heavy exercise it is noticeable how quickly it recovers! I love my bands! They have helped my whole doggy family and me too! Thank you StreamZ!”

Leah Gardner Agility Competitor and involved in Many Tears Animal Rescue

– Leah Gardner, Professional dog agility competitor and trainer. (2016 World champion)


Matt Campbell

Matt is a leading expert in the magnetic therapy industry and writes articles for StreamZ Global and various other publications.

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